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Suyadi: "Kucing, Peci, dan Pak Raden"

Suyadi: Kucing, Peci, dan Pak Raden

Suyadi: "Kucing, Peci, dan Pak Raden"

The exhibition ‘Suyadi: Kucing, Peci, dan Pak Raden’ celebrates Suyadi’s works throughout his life. The figure who is familiarly known as Pak Raden works in various forms, from illustration, animation, fairy tales, to teaching. He contributed a lot in creating the legendary Unyil puppet show which accompanied Indonesian children in the 80s. But Mr. Suyadi’s talent for loving children is not only that. He is also a painter, illustrator with a characteristic of clean, energetic and spontaneous lines; he is also a children’s book author, animator, storyteller and puppeteer.

There are various works by Suyadi that were displayed in this exhibition, ranging from archival sketches, children’s book illustrations, to various puppet characters from the classic ‘Si Unyil’ series. This exhibition was held at the Soemardja Gallery at Institut Teknologi Bandung, where Suyadi studied as an ITB student in 1952. Drs. Suyadi was Lucy Leeman-Laoh’s favorite student. After returning from France, he joined the Audio-Visual Development for Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia while teaching at Visual Art Program, his alma mater. In 1973, a new Graphic Design Studio opened and Drs. Suyadi was the first lecturer to open animation courses in Indonesia.

Drs. Suyadi not only contributed to the world of animation and audio visuals, but also children’s books. To date, he has written more than 90 children’s book titles as an illustrator and writer. We can enjoy some of it through a timeline in the Suyadi: Kucing, Peci and Pak Raden exhibition until November 9, 2023. This exhibition is different from other exhibitions because it is designed not only for adult visitors but also for the main visitors, children. The narrative and placement of the work are arranged in such a way as to suit the children’s point of view.

Not only does it display various archives of Suyadi’s work, this exhibition also has various programs aimed at children and the public. The opening of the exhibition, on November 3, 2023, was enlivened by a performance session of “One Line Drawing” by Kak Andi Yudha accompanied by storytelling by Kak Aio for the guests who attended. Throughout the exhibition, there are also dance performances, fairy tale readings, and gallery tours which invite various Kindergartens and Elementary Schools in Bandung.

This exhibition was made possible with the support of the Archives Agency of the Directorate General of Culture of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, which has lent 35 of his works donated by his family. Also, to the Center for the Development and Protection of Language and Literature, the Language Development and Development Agency, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia for giving trust, opportunity and support to the Cita Story Children Foundation to realize this exhibition and its activation.

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Legendary rare artist.

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Suyadi is a hero of Indonesian culture and education, hopefully this exhibition can benefit us all, said Dr. Riama Maslan Sihombing