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Vision & Mission

The vision and mission of the Faculty of Art and Design (FSRD) ITB is a reflection of our commitment to providing quality education, research, and community service that are beneficial to people's lives.


Vision of FSRD ITB 2021-2025:

FSRD ITB becomes an institution of higher education in visual art and design that actively improves the nation's creative competitiveness through academic reputation, research, and innovation.


Mission of FSRD ITB 2021-2025:

  1. Mobilize scientific development and expertise in the field of visual art and design through the implementation of the Higher Education Tri Darma activities that are quality, creative, innovative, and relevant to the needs of the community adapted to the era of the latest information technology based on the potential of Indonesian culture and nation.
  2. The mission is related to the role of FSRD ITB as a center of scholarly activities based on art, design, and craftsmanship with economic, cultural, and environmental dimensions and space for interaction and synergies for interdisciplinary work supported by reliable human resources, integrated information systems, and in accordance with national (BAN-PT) and international (QS) education quality standards.