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Common Preparatory Program


Coordinator of FSRD Common Preparatory Program

Intan Prameswari, M.Ds. Ph.D

Common Preparatory Program (TPB) is one of the educational programs that all FSRD ITB students must complete in ITB (first year). The program aims to develop scientific attitudes of students. Apart from that, this program seeks to provide the students with a common understanding of basic knowledge.

In the TPB program, students will acquire a variety of courses and basic skills that will serve as a foundation for higher education. It is hoped that students will become acquainted with campus life and have agility in undergoing the educational process on campus.

  • During the TPB program, the students are registered as students of the Faculty of Arts and Design (FSRD) ITB. At the end of the program (first year), students choose the available study programs at the FSRD ITB. FSRD ITB offers five main study programs: Visual Art, Visual Communication Design, Crafts, Interior Design, and Product Design. The selection process is carried out based on academic achievement and student interests.

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All students will undergo education in the Common Preparatory Program (TPB). Students will be introduced to various basic subjects. During this period students are listed as faculty/school students. At the end of the first year, students will choose a study program based on their interests and academic achievements.

Students have entered the selected study program. In the second year, all students will conduct academic exploration through the subjects offered by the study program.

Students will begin to do conceptualization and specialization in science.

Students start doing a final project as one of the requirements for obtaining a bachelor's degree.

Common Preparatory Program Curriculum

Semester 1
Code Subject Credits
SR1101 Basic Principles of Visual Art and Design 2
SR1102 Drawing I 4 (3)
SR1103 Visual Basic Two Dimension I 3 (2)
SR1104 Visual Basic Three Dimension I 3 (2)
KU1001 Sports 2
KU1102 Introduction to Computation 3
KU1024 English 2
 Semester 2
Code Subject Credits
SR1201 Creativity and Humanity 2
SR1202 Drawing II 4 (2)
SR1203 Visual Basic Two Dimension II 3 (2)
SR1204 Visual Basic Three Dimension II 3 (2)
KU1011 Indonesian Language: Scientific Writing 2
KU1202 Introduction to Engineering and Design 3