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Digital Visual Narrative (NVD)

Unlock Your Creative Potential with ITB FSRD’s Digital Visual Narrative Pathway!

Join the Undergraduate Program in Visual Communication Design (DKV) at ITB FSRD’s Jatinangor Campus and dive into the world of Digital Visual Narrative (NVD). This cutting-edge specialization combines the art of storytelling with visual elements, movement, sound, and interactivity using digital media.

As a student of Digital Visual Narrative (NVD) graduate, you will be equipped to make your mark in diverse industries such as comics, animation, film, and games. Our program not only focuses on theoretical knowledge but also emphasizes practical skills through collaborative learning with industry partners. You will also benefit from a cross-disciplinary approach, drawing from the expertise of ITB FSRD, ITB STEI, and ITB SBM.

Take the first step towards a dynamic career where creativity meets technology. Join ITB FSRD’s Digital Visual Narrative pathway and shape the future of visual storytelling!