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All facilities at the Faculty of Art and Design (FSRD) ITB have been specially designed to support all students' creative and research work in getting an optimal learning experience.

  1. Design Centre
  2. CultureHub FSRD ITB
  3. Gallery Sumardja
  4. Library
  5. Seminar Room
  6. Painting Studio
  7. Sculpture Studio
  8. Ceramic Craft Studio
  1. Visual Communication & Design Studio
  2. Product Design Studio
  3. Interior Design Studio
  4. Textile Craft Studio
  5. Workshops
  6. Workshops for Metal, Wood and Plastic
  7. Studio for Master of Visual Art
  8. Digital Textile Sampling Laboratory

  1. Spatial Perception and Lighting Simulation Laboratory
  2. Multimedia and Animation Laboratory
  3. Photography Laboratory
  4. Ergonomics Studio
  5. Digital Modeling Prototype Laboratory
  6. Textile Laboratory