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Design Leadership

Unlock your leadership potential with the Multidisciplinary Master’s Program in Design-based Leadership (Design Leadership). This transformative program equips future leaders to instigate change by employing a scientific approach to design and regional development.

Immerse yourself in a curriculum designed to enhance creative thinking and foster a heightened sense of empathy. Tackle society’s intricate problems through collaboration with diverse stakeholders, drawing inspiration from real-world case studies, and receiving mentorship from influential figures who’ve made a tangible impact on society.

Navigate through the complexities of environmental issues, technological advancements, politics, poverty, energy, floods, and pandemics. Gain a profound understanding of scientific approaches involving multiple stakeholders. Design Leadership is your gateway to cultivating social, cultural, economic, and environmental potential within a city or region.

Become a dynamic leader, armed with creativity, empathy, and the expertise to collaborate effectively, as you address the multifaceted challenges of our world. Design Leadership: Shaping leaders, transforming communities.