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IIDA Design Competition Winner (International Interior Design Association 2022)

IIDA Design Competition Winner (International Interior Design Association 2022)

IIDA Design Competition Winner (International Interior Design Association 2022)

Arfan Ikhsanul Amal -17318052

Arya Putra – 17318028

Hanami Martani – 17318048

“We started to make the concept from December after we see the announcement of the opening of the competition in October 2021. Then we started the work on the design and the design was sent on February 18th. The announcement of the official winner was announced on May 28, 2022 in the official website of IIDA. The IIDA competition itself was carried out online since the process took a long time. For the IIDA itself, the location of the center is in Chicago, Illinois, United States”, said Arfan.

“This is a global competition and of course there will be many teams from well-known universities. One of them is a prestigious campus in the United States, Cornell University, one of the Ivy League Universities. Three of us often participated in several interior design competitions. But, this time we want to try a bigger scope, the international stage. Therefore, we make the determination to go directly to our first international competition”, said Arfan.

This competition is about designing a behavioral clinic for adolescents and children in Cleveland, Ohio; organized by IIDA (International Interior Design Association). The design is inspired by the typology of Ohio, with many coasts and lighthouses. From that premise came the name of the design, SUAR, a Behavioral Clinic that becomes a source of light and direction for teenagers and children who have lost their identity. SUAR is an answer for children who need to get support to return to be a whole person. The concept applies Cognitive Behavior (play therapy) on how children can freely explore what they see and feel. In fact they will not be satisfied with what they are doing at this time, even though the work they created outperformed other participants in the competition. They will continue to develop their ability to design an interior better in the future.

“For juniors in particular, they have great potential and many opportunities to win awards or take part in design competition at regional, national, or international level. Seize the opportunity. Don’t be afraid if you don’t win, the thing that needs to be built is a strong urge to exceed our abilities in competing with other competitors. And being a champion is a bonus for the efforts we made during that time”, said Arfan.