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Sabrina Ilma Sakina, M.Ds.

Sabrina Ilma Sakina, M.Ds.

Email : sabrina.sakina@office.itb.ac.id

After graduating college with a degree in textile crafts, Sakina dabbled into the magical world of garment production and fashion. A lucky chance led her to an exchange program to Japan during her graduate years, which re-established her curiosity in textiles, specifically structure designing. She is now based in the dynamic town of Bandung, Indonesia, and works on several projects, including topics such as weaving, natural fibres, and new material.

She is head of the faculty’s online learning development team and actively participates in the faculty’s broadcast team.


  • S1 FSRD ITB, Bandung, Indonesia
  • S2 FSRD ITB, Bandung, Indonesia


  • Textiles
  • natural fibres
  • structure design
  • fashion
  • sustainability

Kelompok Keilmuan

  • Kriya & Tradisi


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Tahun Title
2021 Perancangan Produk Siap Pakai dari Material Nonwoven Serat Nanas (Lanjutan), P3MI, ITB Crafts and Tradition Research Group
2021 Penambahan Nilai pada Tekstil Serat Abaka Melalui Tenun dan Pewarnaan Alami bagi Pengrajin di Talaud dan Sangihe, Sulawesi Utara, Sulawesi Utara, PM ITB, ITB Centre for Research and Community Service & PT Cofo Kreatif Indonesia