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Inbound Program

Indonesian Visual Culture

Indonesian Visual Culture is an introduction program about things related to visual culture in Indonesia, the approach to the problem is through several sciences, the first is through visual art, history of art, aesthetics, and then history of Indonesian art. The knowledge we offer does not exist in other countries and is difficult to obtain, because it is very unique in Indonesia. Secondly, at the site visit, the interaction with local residents will be interesting because there are field practices, where experience is actually very important. The students will obtain 2 skills when participating in this program. The first is aesthetic experience and the second is aesthetic knowledge. Later, there will be many ways to enter, either through art, design or crafts.

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Summer Course

Summer Course Program is designed for serving students and professionals to study in ITB Campus. During the implementation of academic activities, participants will study and work together during a period of time. The lecture materials, tutorials and excursions will be delivered in English. The academic activities are delivered by ITB faculty staffs and foreign resource persons such as professors and researchers from partner universities, experts who work in the reputable industries/research centers, and many more.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Summer Courses Program offered by ITB was replaced by the International Virtual Courses. As has been indicated by its name, the academic activities were delivered virtually.

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