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ITB Visual Communication Design Student Designed the Disney “Turning Red” Movie Poster

ITB Visual Communication Design Student Designed the Disney “Turning Red” Movie Poster

ITB Visual Communication Design Student Designed the Disney “Turning Red” Movie Poster

BANDUNG, itb.ac.id – On Tuesday (29/3/2022), @PixarTurningRed Twitter account and @pixarturningred Instagram account posted a new movie poster illustration which has a significantly different art style from their official poster at the time the movie was released. The new poster illustration was uploaded with a caption “Poster by: Emmanuelle Elizabeth”. 

Emmanuelle Elizabeth is a class of 2020 student from the Undergraduate Program in Visual Communication Design, Faculty of Arts and Design (FSRD) of ITB. Emma often makes illustrations with her own unique and cheerful style and posts them on her social media accounts. Emma took the inspiration for her illustrations from various Disney movies that she had watched since her childhood. “One of my most important sources of inspiration is the Disney movies that I had enjoyed since I was a child. I don’t know why exactly but I always feel very uplifted after watching a Disney movie,” said Emmanuelle.

Emmanuelle’s fondness for Disney movies which is expressed through her art style has yielded a very unexpected result. The Disney team asked her to design the poster illustration for their newly released movie called Turning Red. “When Disney asked me to illustrate a poster for Turning Red, I was overjoyed and excited because I personally felt very connected to this movie,” Emma said.

Emmanuelle said that she felt very connected with the main character in this movie. “As an Asian Chinese, I really like this movie because Pixar Turning Red tells a very relatable story on self-acceptance, friendship, and other things that we experienced when becoming a teenager,” said that ITB Visual Communication Design student.

When creating an illustration, Emmanuelle needs to go through several stages. One of the stages is understanding the message that the movie is trying to deliver, “I also lookup for the target audience, the uniqueness of this movie, and interesting things of this movie through my perspective as an illustrator,” said this young illustrator.

Other than emphasizing the role of its main character “Mei”, Emmanuelle also wanted to show the aspects of oriental culture on her poster. “I love the way Chinese culture was portrayed by Pixar in this movie, I even added the temple roof and red panda carving as the frame of my poster,” said Emmanuelle.

According to her, the biggest challenge in illustrating this poster lies at the stage of finding inspiration and ideas for the sketch, however, she finally handled it quite well. “Usually, I try to get the correct mood first and then plot out some points to help me get a clearer aim of what I want to convey in the poster,” said Emma.

Emma also said that Disney was quite cooperative during the process of making this poster. According to her, Disney gave her an acceptable deadline and facilitated her with systematic review stages, therefore she never felt at loss and enjoyed every process of her work.

Reporter: Inas Annisa Aulia (Visual Art, 2020)
Translator: Favian Aldilla Rachmadi (Civil Engineering, 2019)