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Visual Culture Literacy

“Riset di KK Literasi, Media, dan Budaya mencoba menjawab tantangan dominasi informasi yang terus hadir dan dalam setiap sendi kehidupan manusia”

Informasi Umum

The Visual Culture Literacy Research Group was established in response to current societal trends. Everyday phenomena in art, design, and humanities are becoming more intricate. Human challenges span various dimensions, including social, environmental, economic, and ethical issues, leading to changes in technology, society, the ecosystem, culture, and lifestyle, all of which are multifaceted.

Moreover, scientific development has evolved to address societal challenges. Sciences that were originally monodisciplinary have developed into interdisciplinary and even transdisciplinary. This shift has moved away from rigidity, linearity, homogeneity, unity, and universality within science. Instead, it embraces a dynamic approach, free from nihilism, indeterminacy, irregularity, and uncertainty. Everyday life now exists in a state of plasticity, where entities and properties can be formed, flexible, and open to change. The Visual Culture Literacy Research Group provides a comprehensive framework for understanding the world’s diverse new trends.


The Visual Culture Literation Research Team is a research themes relate to literacy, art, design and visual culture which are cross-disciplinary in nature. The research road map can be seen in the following chart.