International Virtual Course (IVC) SWITCH: The Opening

International Virtual Course (IVC) SWITCH will take its participants through a design thinking process in order to discover innovative solutions for collective (urban) issues, within the contexts of design ethnography studies that emphasise human behaviours towards the surrounding objects, systems, and ambience. The course participants will experience design thinking steps and design ethnography methods that are applied to daily objects and/or activities that are commonly available in any part of the world. The chosen projects will take the viewpoints of the creative economy ecosystem, including the scope of informal economy that often takes place as a significant factor, particularly in the global south.

The Opening will be held on Monday, 11 October 2021, 19.00 – 20.30 WIB (UTC +7) with a lecture by Dr. Dwinita Larasati, MA (Institut Teknologi Bandung) on “Design Thinking: SWITCH” and John Newbigin, OBE (Creative Industries Ambassador for the Mayor of London, UK) on “Informal Economy and Creative Economy”.