TPB FSRD ITB 2021 Exhibition with the theme Arnavala

TPB FSRD ITB 2021 Arnavala Exhibition was held in hybrid mode, offline in the ITB East Hall with health protocols and online at from Friday to Saturday, June 10—11, 2022.

Participants of this exhibition are multi-campus TPB FSRD students from Ganesha, Jatinangor and Cirebon campuses. There are approximately 5000 works on display.

This exhibition is a routine academic exhibition for TPB FSRD students in a series of majoring into study programs. Collaboration between students, lecturers, staff, faculties, and various other parties, makes this exhibition run smoothly.

The concept of the Arnavala comes from the class of 2021 agreement, and Arnavala itself means ‘sea of ​​art’. Visitors who come to the exhibition can see the works as if they were in the middle of a sea of ​​art, either manual or digital.

“After the exhibition, it is hoped that students can continue to work in their respective study programs and can inspire the wider community, especially those who are interested in the world of art and design,” said Kukuh Rizki Satriaji S. Ds, MT.