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Design and Visual Culture Research Group

“The evolution of technology that has penetrated the boundaries of space and time presents a variety of design phenomena and a constantly changing visual culture. At Design and Visual Culture Research Group, we study various design and cultural phenomena that directly impact people's lives."

General Information

The Design & Visual Culture Research Group is a cross-disciplinary expertise group formed on the basis of the interrelationships among various contemporary cultural issues and issues in the world of design both at the theoretical and practical levels. The scope of the study of design and visual culture cannot be separated from the rate of development of visual culture which is accelerating in the midst of a society that dynamically relies heavily on the development of visual technology as well as social, economic, political and cultural life. This relationship is manifested in various design phenomena that can be interpreted more broadly through cultural perspectives. The Design & Visual Culture Research Group currently has several programs related to these design and visual culture issues, including:

  1. Development of visual teaching methods and media
  2. Research on developing the potential of underdeveloped Eastern Indonesia
  3. Research in the History of Indonesian Archipelago Visual Design & Culture
  4. Development of Design Science & Visual Culture
  5. Development of Design Research Methodology and Cultural Studies
  6. Community Service

Research Cluster

Research on Design & Visual Culture Research Group discusses various central issues including

study of product function
study of visual language with its various aspects
visual technology study
study of gender aspects of design and other visual culture
study of image and visual products
study of design and lifestyle
study of visual style
study of design and communication aspects
study of visual language with its various aspects
study of visual design and ideology
study of design and virtual culture
study of design and mass culture