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FAQ Doctoral

FAQ Doctoral

How long is the study period for the Doctoral Program in Visual Art and Design at FSRD ITB?

The study period for obtaining a doctoral degree is designed for 3 years (6 semesters) with a maximum study period of 5 years.

How much academic load must a doctoral student take?

Academic load ranges from 40-56 credits.

What are the stages of education in the doctoral program?

The ITB Doctoral Program is carried out in 3 stages which include lectures and research activities. Phase 1 (Year 1) consists of basic lectures, preparation of research plans, qualification exams, and Phase 2 (Years 2 and 3) in the form of dissertation research, writing a dissertation draft, closed session and promotion session.

How is the course system in the doctoral program?

There are three types of courses that can be taken, that are prerequisite courses, compulsory courses, and elective courses.

Where can I find out the doctoral program registration schedule?

You can visit http://www.sps.itb.ac.id

I want to discuss further, where should I contact?

You can visit our office at Jalan Ganesha No. 10, Lebak Siliwangi, Coblong, Bandung, West Java 40132, Indonesia Telephone (022) 2501214